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Our Team

We have tried to provide an insight into the roles we have and why we joined up as volunteers to the Besom in Wirral and what we do. 

Simon Draper
Role:  Driver: Collections and Deliveries 

What do I do ?

I am one of a number of people who volunteer to drive the van. Three of us go out on a Wednesday or Thursday and collect items from Givers and/or deliver Items to those who have been referred to us. Sometimes we might take items to our warehouse for storage until they are needed by someone. The collection and deliveries can sometimes by strenuous and we have to lift and carry over the course of a few hours but we will normally have 5 collections/deliveries in a session so it is usually ok. There is a rota so I don't go out every week just when I have time and the rota needs me. I also PAT test electrical items that we receive to ensure they are safe to go out. 

Why do I do it?  

The knowledge that you have helped out a fellow human being in need is a wonderful things to be able to do. The best days are when you collect an item from a Giver in one house and take it directly to a Client in another house, on these occasions you can then tell the Giver that the item is on its way to directly help someone in need, provider the Giver with that sense of directly helping someone out too. 

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