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Give your Time

You Can Make a Difference

What can I volunteer to do?

We are always looking for volunteers and there are a variety of activities you could get involved in. For example:
We have people who speak to the referrers, that is those people who work for Local Authority Support groups and local charities. Their job is to identify exactly what the person may need and pass on the information to the van team co-ordinator. 
We have people who try to keep on top of what is in the warehouse at any one time. 
We have people who drive the van and we have people who join the driver to help with the collection and delivery of items.
We even have someone who write letters to thank givers for the items that they have given and yes they actually write the letters!
If you are someone who likes to get things done as part of a team then we will have a role for you. contact us here.


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